2014-2015 Fellows

Ben Thompson

Degree Sought : Ph.D.
Research Focus:

School Name : Runkle School, Brookline
Teaching Partner: Djems Domerson
Ben's Project GLACIER Site

Ben Thompson is a 2nd year PhD student studying Mathematics at Boston University. He is currently studying to take his qualifying exams in Algebraic Geometry, and Complex Analysis, and preparing to do research involving generalizations of Poncelet's Theorem which was discovered by a French mathematician in the early 1800's while he was a prisoner of war.

Ben's teaching partner is Djems Domerson at John D Runkle School in Brookline, MA. Djems teaches both 6th and 7th grade science. The two will be working together to foster an environment of exploration, learning, and reflection of the world around them. The two will be developing curricula that include hands-on, inquiry based science experiences and curricula especially in the area of climate change and sustainability. Together, Djems and Ben will allow students to explore, learn, reflect and present their learning of climate change through multimedia presentations, and grade level events.
Sponsored by the NSF GK-12 Program