I am a 2nd year Ph. D. student at Boston University studying biomedical engineering under Professor Mark W. Grinstaff. My research involves the development of the next generation of bio-inspired polymers, such as poly-amido-saccharides. These polymers allow us to access the unique properties of carbohydrate molecules without the need for impure extractions from organisms or complex and wasteful de-novo synthesis of polysaccharides. My research specifically involves the development of amino-poly-amido-saccharides that mimic the structure of chitin and chitosan. These polymers could be used in gels for tissue engineering, controlled drug delivery, and gene therapy.

I am currently working with an 8th grade science teacher at a middle school in Everett, MA. Due to constantly changing standards and requirements, we built our own curriculum starting from the smallest components of nature (atoms) leading to natural phenomena on vast scales (the solar system). This blog will detail my thoughts about teaching in Everett and teaching philosophy.