Class Experiments & Lesson Plans

Evolution & Environment

In these three days students will explore the role of natural selection over long periods of time.  These interactive exercises challenge students to build their own evolutionary timelines using clues on organisms, and major events in the formation of the earth as we know it.

CO2 Experiment

In this experiment students will be asked to create two atmospheres one representing the earth at current levels of CO2 and the other at higher levels of CO2. Students will explore how greenhouse gases affect temperature, and therefore the world around us. The results of this experiment are not intuitive initially, therefore it is important to read all model descriptions carefully.

Melting Ice & Thermal Expansion Experiment

Students start by watching a movie that makes a number of claims about sea level rise. While describing how we know that seas are rising, it does not explain what is causing these changes. In this lesson we will explore the science of sea level change and its consequences. How do increases in energy affect the oceans? We will find out.

Tree Rings – Weather & Climate

This investigation will use tree rings to explore the difference between climate and weather in their local environment.  Students will make measurements of growth and plot this against observed preciptation levels.  Then they will explore the differences between local and foreign climates.

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Hello world!

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