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My name is Valerie Pasquarella, and I am a PhD Candidate in the Department of Earth & Environment at Boston University (formerly the Department of Geography & Environment).

In May 2010, I was selected as part of the first group of ten GLACIER (GLobAl Change Initiative – Education and Research) Fellows. GLACIER is an NSF-funded GK-12 program aimed at incorporating global change research into grade 5-8 curriculum.

During my time as a fellow, I worked with Sue Zobel, a 7/8 Science Teacher at the William H. Lincoln School in Brookline, MA. Together, Sue and I infused the remote sensing and GIS technologies I use in my research into existing curricula and lesson plans. Our 2010-2011 GK-12 partnership is documented here on this site, with access to a weekly blog of classroom activity, lesson plans, datasets, and photo albums. Though regular updates ceased in mid-2011,  I continue to maintain all content. Recently, I created a new section [Continuing GK-12] to host new materials developed by Sue after my time in her classroom, illustrating how our partnership has continued to evolve after out formal collaboration ended.


Valerie Pasquarella
Boston University