Summer Training Institute:

GK12 fellows participate in an 8-week training program to prepare them for the classroom. During the spring they observe classes and learn pedagogy, and during the summer they gain practical experience in summer teaching settings. The training program culminates with an eight-day workshop that teachers and fellows both attend. During this time, the teacher-fellow pairs begin learning how to work together as a team. They participate in teambuilding activities, write a contract defining their roles, develop new and interesting curricular activities, and begin working on a detailed implementation plan for the fall.

Graduate Student Outcomes:

GLACIER fellows typically spend 10 hours per week providing direct classroom assistance to teachers and another 5 hours of preparation outside of the classroom. They develop curriculum modules, design activities, provide demos, work one-on-one with students, and occasionally present lessons. In some cases, they provide additional resources for after school tutoring and extracurricular activities. Fellows serve as positive role models for the students, and at the same time, learn effective teaching strategies and communication skills. Each teacher-fellow team defines the fellow.s role and begins planning classroom projects and activities during the summer workshop. Teams build on their summer workshop experience by meeting weekly to discuss upcoming curricula plans and provide feedback to one another.
Sponsored by the NSF GK-12 Program