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Professor Robert Kaufmann discusses OPEC



Climate Scientist Jerry Mehl at NCAR: what do homeruns and weather extremes have in common?



CBS News: NOAA links extreme weather to climate change.

NOAA's Director of National Climatic Change Thomas Karl discusses new findings regarding the connection between recent weather extremes and climate change due to human activity (2:16).


Similar to (and shorter than) PBS Newshour video

PBS Newshour: Extreme Weather Records: Like Baseball Players on Steroids

Interview with Thomas Karl, NOAA's Director of National Climatic Data Center regarding extreme weather records and climate change (8:00).


Similar to CBS News video

NBC Nightly News: The "New Normal"

Buckling roads and fish kills: is extreme heat the "new normal"? (2:56) (8/8/12)


Drought: the "new normal"? (2:08) (8/1/12)


Al Jezeera: Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather: Linked to Climate Change? (25:12)


Most in-depth discussion of link between extreme weather and climate change.

Will Steger Foundation: Minnesota's Changing Climate Videos

Collection of five videos discussing Minnesota's changing climate in different biomes and climate change basics.


Teacher's Domain: "Where Words Touch the Earth" Collection

Native American perspective on climate change and its effects on their communities.


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