2016-2017 Fellows

Jenny Lei

Degree Sought : Ph.D.
Research Focus:

School Name : Central Middle School
Teaching Partner: Michelle Cunniff
Jenny's Project GLACIER Site

Jenny is a 4th year PhD student in mechanical engineering working in the Orthopaedic and Developmental Biomechanics Lab led by Dr. Elise Morgan. She studies bone healing and regeneration of fracture injuries and in distraction osteogenesis. Her goals are to determine the source of skeletal progenitor cells that contribute to healing in these two injury models and to characterize the local mechanical environments associated with the formation of skeletal tissues in distraction osteogenesis.

Jenny is partnered with Michelle Cunniff, an 8th grade science teacher at Central Middle School in Quincy with over 16 years of experience in teaching math and science. They will be incorporating global change topics into the 8th grade science standards, which are categorized into physical, earth, and life sciences. Topics will include seasonal changes in greenhouse gas emissions, effect of sea level rise in Quincy, and changes in global and regional temperatures. Students will learn how to make claims, gather evidence, and support their reasoning, which will prepare them for their science fair project and end of the year climate change solutions project. The motto for the year is “think like a scientist, write like a scientist”.
Sponsored by the NSF GK-12 Program