2010-2011 Fellows

Mike Mann

Degree Sought : Ph.D. in Geography
Research Focus: Economic incentives of land-use change. The Role of Economic Rents & Environmental Services in Land-Use Change and Policy for Amazonia

School Name : Winter Hill Community School
Teaching Partner: Evan MacAlear
Mike's Project GLACIER Site

My research integrates spatially explicit measures of the economic incentives that individuals use to make decisions regarding land-use change in the Amazon basin. These papers represent a series of efforts that work in concert to create a comprehensive model of the climatic, edaphic, and economic determinants of land-use change in the Brazilian Amazon. These models will be used to measure the economic and environmental impacts of alternative market-based policy regimes on land-use conversion, output value, ecosystem services, and tax burden.

I have been able to bring my knowledge of environmental science and climate change in a number of ways. I have decided to place emphasis on simple immutable truths of climate change. First, I developed a simple one-period demonstration of the effect of high concentrations of CO2 on temperature, using two bottles, dirt, a light, vinegar and baking soda. In my next large interactive project our students will explore the effects of climatic change on evolution through out geological time. Both of these projects will be made available to other teacher over the web and through short movies on Youtube.
Sponsored by the NSF GK-12 Program