2012-2013 Fellows

David York

Degree Sought : Ph.D. in Chemistry
Research Focus:

School Name : Lawrence School, Brookline
Teaching Partner: Ryan Keser
David's Project GLACIER Site

I received my Bachelor`s from the University of Massachusetts, Boston in Biochemistry in 2010. While there I worked with Prof. Wei Zhang and Prof. Dennis Curran on coupling reactions of fluorously tagged molecules. Fluorous chemistry is a sub-field of organic chemistry that Prof. Curran and Prof Zhang have been leaders in developing. It works on the principle that fluorocarbons, or carbons saturated with fluorine (like hydrocarbons, but with fluorine) separate from water and other organic molecules (like oil and water do) and this can simplify molecular purification greatly in addition to allowing for new and interesting materials. An example of a common fluorocarbon is Teflon; the molecule that makes nonstick pans possible.

I am working at the Lawrence middle school in Brookline, MA with Ryan Keser. I am hoping and have begun to integrate my research in chemistry into the student curriculum present in the classroom. I will also be helping with lesson planning and bringing current science into the classroom.
Sponsored by the NSF GK-12 Program