2011-2012 Fellows

Benjamin Carr

Degree Sought : Ph.D. in Biology
Research Focus: Long term trends in marine species in New England waters

School Name : Lawrence School, Brookline
Teaching Partner: Greg Porter
Benjamin's Project GLACIER Site

Ben is a graduate student in the Biology Department at BU, studying with Dr. Les Kaufman, and this is his second year as an NSF GK-12 GLACIER fellow. His research focuses on the long-term trends of the Gulf of Maine, using records of exploited fish species from the last one-hundred-and-fifty years as a window into the ecology of the ecosystem.

He is paired with Greg Porter at the Amos A. Lawrence School in Brookline, MA, where they instruct twenty-three fifth graders. They aim to bring new material, current science, and the ideas of global change to these inquisitive minds.
Sponsored by the NSF GK-12 Program