2011-2012 Fellows

Jonathan Sukovich

Degree Sought : Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
Research Focus:

School Name : Kennedy-Longfellow School
Teaching Partner: William McDonald
Jonathan's Project GLACIER Site

Jonathan Sukovich is a fourth year graduate student in Boston University's Mechanical Engineering program. His research has been focused on laser interactions with water and bubble collapse phenomena at high pressures. He and his research team has discovered a number of interesting phenomena so far, including a relationship between the optically induced breakdown threshold and pressure in water, the spatial and temporal evolution of single and multi-bubble sonoluminescence events at high static and acoustic pressures, and the formation of apparently solid objects in the aftermath of single bubble collapses.

Jonathan is working with Billy McDonald at Kennedy-Longfellow School in Cambridge MA, teaching 8th grade science. He hopes to give students an idea of how scientists generally approach problems and hopefully a new appreciation for tackling seemingly difficult problems. He’ll also be working with them on design projects throughout the year and offering them insights into the design process and how to effectively turn their ideas into functioning prototypes and systems.
Sponsored by the NSF GK-12 Program