2011-2012 Fellows

Kenneth Takagi

Degree Sought : Ph.D. in Earth Science
Research Focus:

School Name : Lawrence School, Brookline
Teaching Partner: Ryan Keser
Kenneth's Project GLACIER Site

Ken Takagi is a third year PhD student in the Earth Science department at Boston University. His research uses isotope geochemistry to better understand the cycling of nutrients in forested ecosystems. He and his team are currently assessing the applicability of stable Ca isotopes as new tool for biogeochemists to track the movement of Ca through these ecosystems. They work at a field site in New Hampshire (Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest) were they are measuring Ca isotopes to understand the response and recovery of northeastern forests to anthropogenic disturbance, such as acid deposition and forest harvesting.

Ken is working with Ryan Keser, a 7th and 8th grade science teacher at Amos A. Lawrence Middle School in Brookline, MA. Together they have developed lessons on atmosphere composition and circulation, albedo, and cloud formation and plan on making these lessons available on the web for others to use. They are also planning to develop a soils unit in the spring, which will teach students about the importance of soil and it's role in the environment.
Sponsored by the NSF GK-12 Program