2013-2014 Fellows

Asher Mullokandov

Degree Sought : Ph.D. in Physics
Research Focus:

School Name : Prospect Hill Academy, Cambridge
Teaching Partner: Hilary Schwarzenbach
Asher's Project GLACIER Site

Asher is a 4th year a graduate student in the Physics Department at Boston University, where he works with Professor Emanuel Katz. They research the AdS/CFT correspondence in finite temperature systems, and at the moment are working on models of holographic superconductivity.

Asher is partnered with Hilary Schwarzenbach who teaches 8th grade science at Prospect Hills Academy in Cambridge. Hilary and Asher team up to incorporate themes of climate change in the curriculum units they teach on chemistry, biology and genetics, astronomy and physics. They are focusing on helping students understand the causes of climate change, as well as recognize its impact in a variety of contexts, ranging from the composition of the atmosphere, to the effects of warming on plant and animal life on Earth. They will also focus on incorporating quantitative skills and scientific critical thinking into the curriculum by giving the students the opportunity to analyze real data, perform estimates, and solve quantitative problems on the topics they have covered in class.
Sponsored by the NSF GK-12 Program