2014-2015 Fellows

Dustin Hickey

Degree Sought : Ph.D.
Research Focus:

School Name : Atlantic MS, Quincy
Teaching Partner: Wendy Hanlon
Dustin's Project GLACIER Site

Dustin Hickey is a 4th year Ph.D. student working with Dr. Carlos Martinis in the Astronomy Department at Boston University. His research involves studying the upper atmosphere of the Earth using radar, satellites and optical instruments. Specifically he studies night time perturbations and irregularities in plasma density and temperature within the ionosphere and thermosphere.

Dustin is teaching at Atlantic Middle School in Quincy with Wendy Hanlon. Wendy is a 7th grade science teacher who has four classes of students. Major themes of the year are understanding what science is, how science is conducted, and the idea that everyone is a scientist. We hope to make science fun for the students and plan to integrate many hands on activities for the students. Dustin will bring his knowledge of astronomy, the upper atmosphere, and data analysis to the classroom to help the students learn science and to integrate climate change into the curriculum.
Sponsored by the NSF GK-12 Program