2015-2016 Fellows

Rohan Kundargi

Degree Sought : Ph.D.
Research Focus:

School Name : Broad Meadows MS, Quincy
Teaching Partner: Deborah Baird
Rohan's Project GLACIER Site

Rohan Kundargi is a 6th year PhD student investigating the geodynamics of hotspot volcanism at 50+ locations around the globe. Specifically, he analyzes the spatial patterns of mantle plume-fed volcanism over long (70+ Myr) timescales to ascertain if any information about the deep earth (core-mantle boundary) can be extracted from the geochemistry of volcanic samples dredged from the seafloor. He is developing new techniques to quantify seafloor topography in order to measure volcanic “strength” (i.e. the buoyancy or mass flux of an individual volcano over million year increments) and determine the presence of dual-trend volcanism.

Roahn is partnered with Deborah Baird at Broad Meadows Middle School located in Quincy. Mrs. Baird is an experienced 7th grade science teacher who has taught at Broad Meadows for 10+ years and has won numerous awards for her teaching, class-curriculum related website (accessible at http://mrsbscience.com). Mr. Kundargi and Mrs. Baird are developing new lesson plans for an inquiry based, sustainability focused curriculum which incorporates local Quincy related science topics along with global sustainability ideas and lessons.
Sponsored by the NSF GK-12 Program