2015-2016 Fellows

Sandy Serizier

Degree Sought : Ph.D.
Research Focus:

School Name : Richard Murphy K-8
Teaching Partner: Stephanie Pottinger
Sandy's Project GLACIER Site

Sandy Serizier is a fourth year PhD candidate in Dr. Kim McCall’s lab where she studies the molecular mechanisms that govern the engulfment of apoptotic cells. She studies cell signaling crosstalk between epithelial cells and germline-derived cells in the fruit fly ovary in order to understand how the two cell types talk to each other and how this “molecular conversation” contributes to the death of the germline and its concomitant engulfment/clearance from the system.

Sandy is currently working with Stephanie Pottinger at the Murphy K-8 School in Dorchester, MA. They are currently teaching both 6th and 7th grade science. The topics that they cover include human body, physics and motion, earth history, weather, and water. Sandy will use her expertise from a cell and molecular biology background to incorporate global change topics that include sustainability and climate change with a strong focus on human impact on the environment using interactive modules, models, and experiments. Using this approach, she hopes to provide these students with a knowledgeable foundation that will allow for them to make wiser decisions about their personal practices and contribute to political decisions and environmental protection in the future.
Sponsored by the NSF GK-12 Program